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Nakayama Yuuma's bellybutton

Please to be exposing yourselves. I need to know who to stalk. 8D

Nakayama Yuuma's bellybutton
Because a very awesome anon suggested it 8D

Who: Sanazawa
What: Jealous!Sanada, Facepalm!Nozawa having to put up with his boyfriend's stupidity. Smut is good, make-out is better, but fluff is fine too 8D
Rating: Anything.

Link: here

Who I Want: Hashimoto Ryosuke x Nozawa Yuuki
What I Want: First time sex. At first awkward. Nozawa tops (but I don't mind Hasshi either)
Rating: NC-17

Link: here and here (fulfilled twice)

Chinen x Shintaro <- lol yes, that was all the request said.

Link: Taking Over

Who I Want: Morimoto Shintaro x Chinen Yuuri
What I Want: Shintaro tries to deny he has a crush on Chinen. However TOP3, Taiga, and Yuta try and get them together.
Rating: PG

Link: Confession Mission

Who: Okamoto Keito x Nakajima Yuto. In that order.
What: Make-out session, the full first-base. Kissing, intimate contact, you know, foreplay without the sex (for whatever reason).
Rating: Just not NC-17. As close as you can get if you'd like, but don't reach it.

Link: More Than just First Base

Who I Want: Watanabe Shota X Iwamoto Hikaru X Fukasawa Tatsuya. Everyone should love this OT3 desu desuu >l
What I Want: Fluff 8D
How I Want It: NC-15 or higher prz 8D

Link: here

Who I Want: Uekusa Yuta / Kyomoto Taiga
What I Want: sex, idfc.
How I Want It: anything! :D

Link: Taiga/Uekusa

Who I Want: yamada/takaki
What I Want: yamada tops takaki, bonus points for crossdressing, lots of foreplay plz
How I Want It: r-nc-17

Link: Virgin

Who I Want: Morimoto Ryuutarou and Morimoto Shintarou
What I Want: Incest rape prz :D Bonus if Ryuutarou goes all sadistic :]
How I Want It: NC-17 prz |Dv

Link: Playdate

Who I Want: shige/chibi yabu (back in yayayah days)
What I Want: fluff
How I Want It: no further than pg13

Link: Shige-Sensei

Who I Want: Ueda Tatsuya x Okamoto Keito
What I Want: Sex or Pron or Something Shameless and Underage ^^
How I Want It: Um, I don't think this will be a PG fic. But it'll definitely make me happy~

Link: Ueda/Okamoto

Who I Want: Yaotome Hikaru/Nishikido Ryo
What I Want: Ryo's really sadistic side comes out to break Hikka and his "bright/comedic" spirit. Bonus points for Yabu!comfort after
How I Want It: R, NC17, whatever, just dirty and painful for Hikaru.

Link: Here

Who I Want: ryutaro / yamada
What I Want: ryutaro is tired of yamada's attitude and decides to stick it to him (I really could not resist) and show him who's boss. The more S ryutaro is, the better though yamada doesn't necessarily have to be M...
How I Want It: R, try to keep it under NC-17, plz.

Link: here

Who I Want: Sanazawa
What I Want: Sanada sulking about the Nozawa/Kishi duet. Nozawa comforts him.
How I Want It: Fluff; PG-13?

Link: here

Who I Want: Sanazawa
What I Want: Sanada over at Nozawa's house playing video games. Confession
How I Want It: PG/PG-13

Link: here

Who I Want: Sanazawa
What I Want: Turning back the clock. TOP3 angst. Comforting each other
How I Want It: PG-13

Link: to deny, to doubt, and to believe

Who I Want: Keito/Junno
What I Want: Keito beats Junno at billiards.
How I Want It: Porn, fluff, whatever you're having~

Link: Keito/Junno

Who I Want: Sanazawa
What I Want: Kitchen. Cooking fic. Nozawa and Sanada cooking together for each other.
How I Want It: PG to PG-13

Link: Sweet Taste of Love

Who I Want: Takaki x Yuto FTW.
What I Want: Something along the lines of forbidden love. Them sneaking kisses, "moments" & stuff like that.
How I Want It: PG-15 to R! Fluff is a plus, angst is a plusplusplus. XD

Link: here

Who: Ohgo/Yuto
What: Horikoshi fic. Yuto has the biggest crush on Ohgo Suzuka, who is kind of out of his league, but everyone helps he and Ohgo get together. Points if Tanaka Asami is a ditz and Chinen thinks Yuto is hopeless!
How: g/pg

Link: Ultimate HoriKoshi Tale Part 2

Who I Want: Yabu x Yamada
What I Want: Foodsmut
How I Want It: Yabu thinks Yamada's snacks could be put to better use.

Link: Chocolate

Who I Want: Shoon x Yabu
What I Want: Just because Yabu's taller and the leader of 9 band members doesn't mean anything to Shoon. I want Shoon rough handling and being all dominant over Yabucchi. (But no like, actual abuse, kthnx. Just make it hot.)
How I Want It: R-NC17, whatever.

Link: Follow the Leader

Who I Want: TAKACHII Damn it.
What I Want: FLUFF. FLUFF. FLUFF. FLUFF. As much as possible, don't make it cheesy.
How I Want It: PG. Something below NC-17 & R.

Link: In My Comfort Zone

Who I Want: Shoon/Yabu
What I Want: Shoon is out celebrating his birthday, and returns home late to find Yabu in his room waiting for him with a present.
How I Want It: Up to you~

Link: here

Who: Yabu/BoA
What: Hikaru's jokes about Yabu's love for feather boas fail to get through Takaki and now he thinks Yabu has something more than a little crush on the famous Korean pop star. Inoo is slightly disheartened, Yuto approves of his senpai's taste, and Ryutaro rejoices because someone in the group is finally straight.
How: pg-13ish

Link: Confusion is Understandable

Who I Want: YamadaxRyutaroxChinen
What I Want: hs7 hotel room
How I Want It: NC-17

Link: Euphoric Night

Who I Want: Taiyou x Hikaru
What I Want: Hikaru tries to get Taiyou to be more assertive and dominant but Taiyou just ends up all cute and fumbly. Fail, awkward!sex ensues. Can be present day or pre-HSJ.
How I Want It: Up to writer

LINK: Kouki-yomenai

Who I Want: Yamada/Yamada
What I Want: Mirror reflection!sex. Getting off on his own reflection, narcissism, whatever you want to call it. WHAT, he's pretty enough and probably has a big enough ego for it D: Bonus points for a voyeur and Yamada fantasizing about someone else (-cough-Yuto-cough-bias)
How I Want It: Anything, but y'know, some smutty goodness would be nice.

Link: Damn, You're Hot

Who I Want: Juri/Myuto
What I Want: Tackey casually mentions asking Hagiya out to dinner. Myuto and Juri decide to save the damsel in distress tag along.
How I Want It: Fluff

Link: here

Who I Want: Morimoto Ryutaro / Kyomoto Taiga
What I Want: ANYTHING! Because I know for a fact Ryutaro totally loved Taiga during his junior daaays.
How I Want It: Anything.

Link: Official

Who I Want: Yamada x Yabu x Chinen
What I Want: SMUT
How I Want It: YamaChii taking advantage of a tied up Yabu with Chinen insisting on having Arashi music playing in the background.

Link: here

Who I want: Fuma/Fuma
What I want: Fuma catches sight of Misaki/Nakaken and watches nearby dirtying his hands in ~enjoyment~
How: R-NC-17

Link: here

Who I Want: Yuuto x Yamada
What I Want: Yuuto goes all emo while watching the first School Kakumei episode. Yamada comes over and cheers him up. Bonus for ultimateuke!Yamada.
How I Want It: NC-17 FTW

Link: Pick Me Up

Who I Want: Sanazawa (again)
What I Want: Beach date :Dv With Nozawa failing at surfing, because he never fails at anything in fics.
How I Want It: up to whoever's writing 8D

Link: here

Who I Want: Kishi x Nozawa
What I Want: Kishi raping Nozawa. |D And maybe Sanada joining in.
How I Want It: NC-17. Really graphic. And Nozawa feeling sinfully good |D

Link: here

Who I Want: EbiKisu/Hasshi
What I Want: 5 times EbiKisu corrupt Hasshi
How I Want It: up to R

Link: here

Who I Want: Yamada x Yabu x Chinen
What I Want: SMUT
How I Want It: YamaChii taking advantage of a tied up Yabu with Chinen insisting on having Arashi music playing in the background.

Link: here

Who I Want: Sanazawa
What I Want: School Roleplay. Sanada dragging Nozawa into being his teacher 8D
How I Want It: PG-13

Link: No More Teacher

Who I Want: Daiki/OC bonus if you name her "Kat"
How I Want It: keep it low ;;;

Link: here

Who: Nozawa x Fukasawa
What: Anything will do since I seem to be REALLY the only one that noticed Nozawa's head falling on Fukasawa's crotch in one certain performance GENKAI METER... hey I wouldn't obsess about it if it didn't happen
How: DIRTY DIRTY DIRTY or fluffy

Link: here

Who I Want: Kanata Hongo/Yamada Ryosuke
What I Want: Yamada is jealous of Kanata because Shida has a little crush on him and Kanata doesn't care. Soon, however, Yamada discovers that his jealousy isn't what he thought it was.
How I Want It: any

Link: His Sullen Smirk

What I Want: fluff, pron, makeout, whatever you want. Nokkun goes into a depression state with Top3 "disbanding" Sana-chan comforts him in a way that only he can

Link: Comfort

Who I Want: SanaZawa
What I Want: Quick sex in some place they could easily be found during a break at dance practice.
How I Want It: NC-17

Link: here

(no subject)
Nakayama Yuuma&#39;s bellybutton

Sick of seeing those fic memes that have rules about underage porn? They suck don't they.

Want some Yamajima sex stall porn? BIShadow rape fic? Nozomu/Shingaki fluff? ~ HERE ~

Even though we're all here for the love of underage love, and to bite those senpai-lovers in the ass, we still have rules.

1. At least one Johnny's member please.
2. Senpai/Kouhai pairings are fine, as long as one member is, well...illegal.
3. No rating is too high. ;D
4. No rating is too low either. We're not just here for the porn, okay.
5. Fic from the past is okay. Meaning that those who are no longer illegal can be written as long as the fic TAKES PLACE AT THE ILLEGAL AGE.
6. Former JE members are allowed. (i.e. Ayukawa Taiyou, Joey Tee, Jimmy Mackey, Kusano Hironori, etc.)

Oh and we're going by Japan's definition of legal, so under 20 years old.


Who I Want:
What I Want:
How I Want It:

The makers of this meme would like to remain anonymous so they do not get arrested. 8D Not like it matters, since we're obvious anyway.

IP logging is off, anon commenting is on.





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